Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rant 3.

So today's rant is on...well whatever comes to me first.

So we should get going with this even though I have nothing yet, I've actually been sitting here looking at the first line trying to figure out what to talk about and then it hit me! While writing that last sentence I knew what I lost, imagination. I'm 19 years old and pretty healthy, I go out the odd weekend with my firends, but what else do I do that could cause the loss of my imagination? Well...this. Not the blog, but the computer and games. I have 3 computers, 2 are running either Fedora 13 or backtrack 4 and the other is a windows PC. I've spent alot of time since I was 15 on a computer and most of my life playing games on consoles. I've spent more hours in doors than I have outside in the sun. And I've noticed that most of my friends have been doing the same, just not as heavy on the computer side of things other than facebook.
When we were younger, we could play anything outside, I could be a motherfucking ninja turtle if I wanted to be or I could be Ryu from Street Fighter and kick some ass. Like back in primary school we pretend to have pokemon battles, before the cards came out. They were some fun times that if I tried to relive I would be thrown into a huggy coat and jumping around a room of sponges...(insane)
As I got older, it stopped being cool to play those games, jumping around throwing punches and kicks at a tree or wall. Secondary school killed everything the imagination was for me. No more playing Tekken in the basketball yard, no more racing like Sonic and Shadow, anything like that.

You all miss it as much as I do and don't lie by saying you don't.



  1. I miss being a kid and playing with only the imagination, outside with a few friends. Good ol' days..