Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So I've been in college for about 3 weeks now. It's good fun. I'm learning stuff I already knew, sick of parties keeping me up at night, idiots in their cars blaring around my block. Yep it's great fun. Infact I missed a lecture this morning thanks to idiots keeping me up last night.
Now I know this isnt the usual fun blog I have but it will get better.
So I've found a group of friends already and Im currently sitting in the relaxing part of the college, the recreation room. Here we have 3 groups. The gamers which is the one Im in now, there are 6 of us here now either downloading or playing TF2 on steam.
We have the pool idiots, the ones that are playing pool right now. that or snooker. They are generally loud and can get very stupid at times.
Then we have the worst. The jukeboxers, the ones who stand there at the jukebox so nobody could get near it. They put on their shitty music and keep playing it over and over, yesterday we had a mix of nirvana, Sclub7, Bob Marely and even the prodigy. Seriously annoying.
So what can we do about it? Well for one thing when the poolers leave we are going to either slightly unplug the jukebox or take out the fuse so it doesnt work. Little we can do about the poolers so Im open to suggestions :D

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Nintendo has revealed its Nintendo 3DS plans in Japan at the Nintendo Conference 2010. The Nintendo 3DS will be released on February 26, 2011 in Japan, and priced at 25,000 yen. The system will be available in Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black. No word on a US or EU release or price yet.
The 3DS is supporting wifi and is constantly downloading content from hotspots like mcdonalds.
3DS will also have a gameboy and gameboy advance like emulator which you can download games to play.
Some of your old favorites have been remade into 3d, no word on pokemon yellow or zelda but that would be pretty sick to see.
Each package comes with a 2gb SD card to make photos easier to transfer for the new Mii system that will be in place.
More on this as it gets closer to the release.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Quick dead rising 2 review

So i got dead rising 2 on the ps3 yesterday when it came out here and got to play it at last!
I wont get into the story now but i will say that chuck is serious, very serious. Infact if i didnt make him wear a onezie pyjamas while beating zombies with bracelets, he would be unplayable!
Early in the game you get to see how easy it is to kill the zombies and thats a good thing because...there are a lot of zombies... And i mean thousands of them. If you go to the streets and to the square and just look out at them, there is easily over 2000 of them there...
Combo weapons! Start off with the nail bat, then a nail bomb, then it starts getting crazy. So many combos!
Quick review score: 8/10

Friday, September 24, 2010

Im on a train, im on a train! Everybody ignore me! No hassel with no pain!

Yep im on a train heading back home from college to see my family and girlfriend.
So there are these 2 people right now, talking very loudly about busking. It started with one shouting at the other while he was holding a php book. "is that your bible?" what? Seriously what does he need a php book for? Anyway. They are now lightly arguing about how one thinks the other doesnt have a dublin accent. Im nearly afraid that they are going to fight. The busker is saying he was busking before it was cool, very hipsterish. I had to turn off my ipod to listen to this shite. Now im afraid he is going to cry. Seriously this is happening right now beside me. I bet the guy the beside is texting about this and he is looking at me as i write this. Fuck off and wait till i publish it! Anyway. Does anyone know if there was an arnotts on grafton. Scum owes busker €100 even they didnt make a bet at all. Now scum wants the busker to busk up and down the train. My hole he will! Also the smell is unreal! More on this once im home.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Im bored

So im sitting in communications right now, writing this on my phone, bored. She is telling us our assignment for this term. Its an old woman so nothing to look at. My assignment is a review >.> seriously, thats a 10 minute job, 1000 word limit, 10 minute powerpoint presentation on a news worthy topic for the second term, thats a group project >.> seriously. Oh yeah, todays topic is barriers, hence me on my phone writing a blog :D

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh college!

So im in college now for nearly a week. I will do a full blog on it when i find a decent spot to where the INTERNET ISNT FUCKING 16KB/SEC! yup.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Game Rant!

So Im a pretty big gamer, Ive been gaming most my life and I was rarely walking distance from a console of some sort. The gameboy colour was in my pocket almost all the time, pokemon, legend of zelda and even a megaman or two were stuffed into  my pocket. The playstation 1, 2 and 3 are sitting in my house, even my gamecube, wii, gameboy advance SP, DS and DSi are still down in my room and I play most of them today. Comparing them against each other is alot of fun. Tekken 2 on the PS1, Tekken 3 on the PS2 and Tekken 5 on PS3, oh how graphics have developed! But in fairness, gameplay hasn't changed all that much, infact with those games and the pokemon games, not much has changed. Gameplay has always been the same, it looks like we have been playing the same game over and over just with better graphics. Sure there have been a few tweaks but not much, some extra kicks and punches and different game types but thats it. It's most games, almost every game that had a prequil is very very very very similar to the first game and even to other games off the same genre. Its pretty hard to pick out the differences but very easy to pick out the common stuff.

So I will end it here and continue this another day.

So can you guys think of a unique game? One different from every other game? 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rant 4.

So I took a small break from the blog, have to get ready for college next week. Now while I was packing, it got me thinking, I'm going to be living with 3 other guys in a rather small apartment, we will get to know each other pretty well very quickly and will I forget my current friends that I really like? Well no, I won't, unless I get smashed by a truck and lose my memory. I will surely keep in contact with them and I will be home every so often to see my girlfriend so I will see most of them. But that brings me onto what I want to talk about.
Have you ever met anyone on holidays, at camp, at a concert or somewhere else? And over a few days you become pretty good friends and you say you will write to them when you get home, by write I do mean all the ways of communication :P I know that whenever I went off and met some people on holiday that I never sent them a text, email or even a second thought when I got back to my friends.
Has this ever happened to you?
Also, taking requests on what to rant about next, something serious, funny, dramatic, let me know.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rant 3.

So today's rant is on...well whatever comes to me first.

So we should get going with this even though I have nothing yet, I've actually been sitting here looking at the first line trying to figure out what to talk about and then it hit me! While writing that last sentence I knew what I lost, imagination. I'm 19 years old and pretty healthy, I go out the odd weekend with my firends, but what else do I do that could cause the loss of my imagination? Well...this. Not the blog, but the computer and games. I have 3 computers, 2 are running either Fedora 13 or backtrack 4 and the other is a windows PC. I've spent alot of time since I was 15 on a computer and most of my life playing games on consoles. I've spent more hours in doors than I have outside in the sun. And I've noticed that most of my friends have been doing the same, just not as heavy on the computer side of things other than facebook.
When we were younger, we could play anything outside, I could be a motherfucking ninja turtle if I wanted to be or I could be Ryu from Street Fighter and kick some ass. Like back in primary school we pretend to have pokemon battles, before the cards came out. They were some fun times that if I tried to relive I would be thrown into a huggy coat and jumping around a room of sponges...(insane)
As I got older, it stopped being cool to play those games, jumping around throwing punches and kicks at a tree or wall. Secondary school killed everything the imagination was for me. No more playing Tekken in the basketball yard, no more racing like Sonic and Shadow, anything like that.

You all miss it as much as I do and don't lie by saying you don't.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rant 2.

So most of you liked my first rant, thank you. Now to ignore that and go on with the show.

While going through town today I noticed one thing, kids, crying, everywhere! Like really crying, tears and screaming louder than any metal band can. Fuck me, parents will you shut your kids up or leave them at home. I don't need to be trying to relax in the park on a sunny day while your brat is scream over nothing, what? he fell and cut his knee? GET THE FUCK UP AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH, YOU CAN'T BE BITCHING ABOUT THIS SHIT OR YOU ARE GOING TO GETTING FUCKED OVER FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! I wanted to scream that at the kid crying next to me in the park while I was relaxing by the fountain. Seriously parents, keep them under control before some overworked stressed out 45 year old man comes along and knocks the shit out of you and your child.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Rant 1.

Going back to school is closing in for everyone. I am off for my first year of college, computer security and digital forensics, not a bad choice :D. But the one thing about college that gets me is the stress my parents put on me. And I know I'm not the only one, we all get it. "How are you going to survive on your own?" Heard that before? I'd say I have about 30 times since yesterday. And it's not like I haven't lived on my own for awhile, I kept the place reasonably tidy when they came home, but apparently its different when I'm living with 3 other lads who left home and heard everything I did. Like seriously now, we are able to handle living on our own, some of us dying to get out of the house. But I know that they are just being parents, trying to protect us from the world, you know that world? The real world? "You HAVE to get a job up there!" Well how can I get a job when everyone else is trying to get one? And all the places we'd like to get a part time job in aren't hiring, cinema, game stores, video stores all the good places you think would be easy, fun jobs. Yeah, won't get them and we might get stuck with some dead-end job pushing trolleys trying to pay for college or to have a little spending money...

I'll end it here before I really go into this.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Demon's soul - review PS3

Demon's souls is an action based RPG that throws the gamer in the deep end from the start. This is not your ordinary RPG, far from it.
Its your typical story of the world is in trouble and you have to save it. Nothing new there. You start off in the training dungeon where you learn the basics. At the end of the dungeon you die and get sent to the nexus, a place between life and death. Here is where everything starts. You can buy items, weapons, spells and miracles here. But the really important thing is you can train your stats here. You buy stats with the souls you collect from killing demons. Every time you buy a stat your soul level increases, this makes the game harder as you level up. The nexus is a very odd place. Visually its beautifull and stunning to look at. Everything else is odd. It has 5 archstones that take you to a different world, each with its own unique environment and demons. The nexus is a big place for a story to develop and i often got confused and lost. Ever see a bloodstain near the staircasses? Chances are that its mine and i jumped because i was lost.
For an RPG to work properly, gameplay must be as smooth as possible which this game delivers very well. It gets laggy in areas where a lot of fire is being used but thats really it. Each weapon type has its own unique animation. Sword, curved sword, dagger, spear, blunt, bow, crossbow and a few others are some of the weapon types the game offers. In terms of armor you are quite limited at the start. You have a chance to buy plate armor in the first world but it is pretty expensive. Depending on what class you started with you mightnt have to buy the plate armor. Each armor has its ups and downs, black leather is light, quiet and quick while plate is heavey, slow and loud. You will see different armors affect your gameplay. Heavey armour is bad for dodging but can take a few hits. Light armor is good for sneaking and dodging but wont last long against a boss if you stand still.
Demons and bosses.
I shit you not when i say that the demons in this game are tough, tougher than any other monster from any other game... Except the adoring fan in oblivion, he just keeps coming back... But anyway some of the harder demons are boss worthy in other games they are that badass. Each world has its own unique set of monsters that can take an inexperienced gamer out in two shots, which happens, alot. Each time you die, you learn abit more about your enemy. Using magic or ranged attacks are often the best way to start a fight as each attack stumbles the enemy which lets you get in another shot until its in your face beating you down. Bosses are not the same though, they have their weak points and have a general way of attacking. Bosses come in a manner of various shapes and sizes, dealing melee, ranged, magic and debuffs. You will learn a bosses weakness if you pay attention to it while dodging giant attacks.
There are 5 worlds, 5 archstones in the nexus take you to a world. Each world is different and beautiful with stunning landscapes and great detail. However, you will get sick of seeing them because when you die midway through a dungeon, you have to start it again with every demon there even stronger than before. Yep, you will have to repeatadly fight through a dungeon and beat the boss at the end till you can start again from where the boss was. This way the gamer is trained to be cautious of what could be behind that corner and will watch everything on the screen just incase a trap or horde of enemies are hiding in the dark.
I avoided putting online gameplay into the earlier sections because this is a big part of the game. If you are playing online and see some red writing on the ground it would be wise to read it. Or if you see some bloodstains on the ground just before you turn around the corner it would be a good idea to touch that. Touching a bloodstain will let you see the last 10 seconds before that person died. That way you might learn not to rush into battle or jump off of a cliff. And the ghostly white figures? Well they are other players that are on the same world near you. At any time you can invite a player into your world to help with a task or even just to kill them and steal their souls. You can invade players worlds aswell and kill them, problem is that they can kill you too. Online gameplay is not needed and the game can be done offline, but online play gives the game a community feel even if you only get to read hints and see how they died.
Demons souls is awesome with a few minor hicks. Character customising is useless as your face is covered almost all the time. The class are really for starting difficulty and starting equipment.
Demons souls is a huge step in hardcore gaming and is one everyone should get.

I, Martin Healion, am currently using this piece of work created by myself for my Communications review for LYIT. This work was written by me, posted by me and hosted on my blog. All evidence needed to validate the work and proof of ownership should just be asked for by means of verbal communications. 

Demons souls - review PS3

Demons souls - review PS3

Demons souls - review