Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rant 2.

So most of you liked my first rant, thank you. Now to ignore that and go on with the show.

While going through town today I noticed one thing, kids, crying, everywhere! Like really crying, tears and screaming louder than any metal band can. Fuck me, parents will you shut your kids up or leave them at home. I don't need to be trying to relax in the park on a sunny day while your brat is scream over nothing, what? he fell and cut his knee? GET THE FUCK UP AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH, YOU CAN'T BE BITCHING ABOUT THIS SHIT OR YOU ARE GOING TO GETTING FUCKED OVER FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! I wanted to scream that at the kid crying next to me in the park while I was relaxing by the fountain. Seriously parents, keep them under control before some overworked stressed out 45 year old man comes along and knocks the shit out of you and your child.