Monday, September 27, 2010

Quick dead rising 2 review

So i got dead rising 2 on the ps3 yesterday when it came out here and got to play it at last!
I wont get into the story now but i will say that chuck is serious, very serious. Infact if i didnt make him wear a onezie pyjamas while beating zombies with bracelets, he would be unplayable!
Early in the game you get to see how easy it is to kill the zombies and thats a good thing because...there are a lot of zombies... And i mean thousands of them. If you go to the streets and to the square and just look out at them, there is easily over 2000 of them there...
Combo weapons! Start off with the nail bat, then a nail bomb, then it starts getting crazy. So many combos!
Quick review score: 8/10

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