Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rant 4.

So I took a small break from the blog, have to get ready for college next week. Now while I was packing, it got me thinking, I'm going to be living with 3 other guys in a rather small apartment, we will get to know each other pretty well very quickly and will I forget my current friends that I really like? Well no, I won't, unless I get smashed by a truck and lose my memory. I will surely keep in contact with them and I will be home every so often to see my girlfriend so I will see most of them. But that brings me onto what I want to talk about.
Have you ever met anyone on holidays, at camp, at a concert or somewhere else? And over a few days you become pretty good friends and you say you will write to them when you get home, by write I do mean all the ways of communication :P I know that whenever I went off and met some people on holiday that I never sent them a text, email or even a second thought when I got back to my friends.
Has this ever happened to you?
Also, taking requests on what to rant about next, something serious, funny, dramatic, let me know.