Friday, September 24, 2010

Im on a train, im on a train! Everybody ignore me! No hassel with no pain!

Yep im on a train heading back home from college to see my family and girlfriend.
So there are these 2 people right now, talking very loudly about busking. It started with one shouting at the other while he was holding a php book. "is that your bible?" what? Seriously what does he need a php book for? Anyway. They are now lightly arguing about how one thinks the other doesnt have a dublin accent. Im nearly afraid that they are going to fight. The busker is saying he was busking before it was cool, very hipsterish. I had to turn off my ipod to listen to this shite. Now im afraid he is going to cry. Seriously this is happening right now beside me. I bet the guy the beside is texting about this and he is looking at me as i write this. Fuck off and wait till i publish it! Anyway. Does anyone know if there was an arnotts on grafton. Scum owes busker €100 even they didnt make a bet at all. Now scum wants the busker to busk up and down the train. My hole he will! Also the smell is unreal! More on this once im home.

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